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Reference from BRICS+ Investment Club

BRICS+ Invest Club
  • Company: Alliance Capital LLC (Germany, Kazakhstan)
  • Order: Crowdinvesting platform
  • Status: Validation of business hypotheses
  • Description: An online crowdfunding platform created financial instrument for the BRICS countries and a next-generation ecosystem that allows anyone the participant of the online platform to receive tools for investing and increasing capital based on from their abilities and needs.
  • Website: https://brics-invest.club

Reference and appreciation letter

We would like to hereby voice our contentment and our gratification in relation to the IT development services that the BRICS Investment Club has been procured with by FinMV Group (PSRN: 40203378371), our service provider, as well as to express our personal acknowledgements to Mr. Michael Piskunov, the company’s core skilled practitioner, the personal manager of our project and architecture developer.

The inquiry of ours covered development of a crowdinvesting source in the sphere of services aimed at promoting IT system services. Our fruitful collaboration with Michael and his professional crew goes back to June, 2022 and has totaled six months so far. Originally, we turned to actually appreciate the team’s stunning background in the field of building-up and maintaining of elaborate platforms, that also comprises creating architectural concepts for projects that are characterized by formidable amount of dataflows, as well as necessity to develop micro-services. Michael Piskunov personally and FinMV Group as whole have demonstrated their highest qualification in course of our cooperation. They have provided us with efficient, cutting-edge and out-of-the-box solutions that precisely matched the requirements of our project and satisfied our needs as a customer.

Our above-mentioned contractors in the sphere of IT-projects development always paid much attention to any nuances of our project, in other words, they thoroughly considered our requirements specifications, brainstormed them substantially within their working groups; they demonstrated their openness for dialogue that included their readiness to invent necessary improvements and new helpful options while the project had been implemented. The project timeline and the requirements specifications were also promptly modified in compliance with these adjustments. Any time we might obtain expert recommendations and concepts from them to come up with the most efficient solutions.

All the activities laid down by the requirement specifications have been successfully implemented, as well as services to be provided have been assessed to the maximum extent feasible in the respect of required timing and personnel.

Grounding upon the foregoing, we, the BRICS Investment Club, wholeheartedly recommend FinMV Group and Mr. Michael Piskunov personally as a reliable and highly-qualified partner for cooperation in the sphere of IT services for complicated Fintech projects (crowdfunding software or alternate) promotion, as well as a knowledgeable advisor competent in a wide range of relevant issues that cover the space from system architecture concepts to the issues related to data protection and system security.

In case any questions emerge, please, contact me to clarify any details.

Sincerely yours,
Anton Sanin, CEO & Founder
Alliance Capital LLC


Reference and appreciation letter from BRICS+ Investment Club