Success stories

Reference from INKAPI Website Builder

INKAPI Website Builder
  • Company: Internet-Capital SIA (Latvia)
  • Order: Merchant payments
  • Status: Done.
  • Description: Online website builder INKAPI has been serving more than 100 thousand websites since 2007 and needed a payment system to work with clients.
  • Website: https://inkapi.com

Reference and appreciation letter

We have a great desire to express our profound gratitude for launching the payment system for the INKAPI Website Builder designed by FinMV SIA, registration number: 40203378371, our service supplier that maintains our company's online banking operations. Also, we'd like to say a special thanks to Mr. Michael Piskunov, an experienced specialist in the field of architecture development, for his coordination of our project plan.

Our request included the creation of a powerful payment system that would enable us to make out bills for payment as well as receive payments from our clients in a variety of ways and from different locations. Our successful collaboration with Michael and his team of experts dates back to March 2019 and has already lasted for a total of 2 years. We initially decided to assess the team's amazing expertise in the creation and maintenance of complex platforms. Their work also includes designing architectural concepts for innovative projects that are distinguished by a big data stream and the development of an effective payment system. Throughout our collaboration, both Michael Piskunov as an individual manager and FinMV SIA as our business partner have proven to be at the very top of their games. They offered us effective, original solutions that met our expectations and properly conformed to our project's specific features.

We know that the people our company collaborates with are true professionals in the area of information technology projects. They presented themselves well when they created a culture of attention to detail. Let's put it this way: they were engaged in various activities that allowed them to address our company's needs to the full extent. We saw how they used their teamwork to achieve the set goals. Now we can say that their strengths are open communication, a focus on innovative ideas, and ongoing upgrades of their product. Also, our service providers always meet the fixed project implementation deadlines. Besides, we can get professional advice from them in case we misunderstand some issues related to our project.

Our company found that the outlined actions had all been carried out effectively. The supplied services had been evaluated in a proper way in terms of the necessary data settings and staffing procedures.

We have great things to say about this service provider based on our interactions with FinMV SIA and the outcomes of our work with Mr. Michael Piskunov. Due to their great customer support services, advanced IT abilities, and staff members' innovative activity, this is a company partner that everyone can trust. As a consequence, you'll receive top-notch maintenance for your payment system, thorough security configuration, and system architectural design processes.

If you have any issues, please get in touch with me so that I can help you better understand the inscrutable facts about the company's operation.

Cordially yours,
Ekaterina P.
CEO at Internet-Capital SIA