A scalable and reliable microfinance solution that automates business processes using an integrated financial platform

Unlimited Users

Your platform will support an unlimited number of users in any geographical region.

Cloud Solution

Companies with multiple branches can deploy the platform once in the cloud and use it in all branches.


Many modules for basic banking, agency banking, loans, fees, payroll, interbank transactions and much more.

Your reliable partner in microfinance banking

The microfinance banking software will allow you to manage multiple branch networks, implement banking services through intermediaries, interact with other third-party providers and provide other e-banking services. Your platform will also have APIs for third-party integration.

Automate every stage of the microcredit process from registration to repayment. We are trusted by many microfinance lenders around the world. 30+ integrations are available. Get a fully configured microfinance system ready to go in 60 days.

All-in-one solution

So why microfinance
software from FinMV?

Create your microcredit platform for the effective management of microloans. Book a personal meeting with an expert to get comprehensive information about the FinMV software.

System flexibility

Your platform has endless customization options and maturity to meet the most demanding financial business needs.

Modular architecture

A promising microservice architecture that is easily customized to suit your basic banking needs.


The components of our solution are based on advanced technologies and comply with strict standards and safety measures.


The integrated solution allows you to optimize the lending processes as much as possible.

Notification system

Instant notifications about customer transactions thanks to the module for sending notifications via SMS, Telegram, or email.

Financial statements

Ledger, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, transaction reports, automatic updating of the general ledger of transactions.