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Admin back-office

The back-office is a separate website for your company's employees, through which they can manage the entire financial platform and the data on it. Using a powerful back-office, you will be able to manage everything on the platform, both alone and working with a team.

Dashboard Overview

The dashboard is an indicator panel for visualizing and analyzing information about business processes and their effectiveness. The data displayed on the indicator panel is usually presented in the form of key performance indicators.

In the back-office of your platform, you can set up a dashboard for each employee according to their role. For example, the following indicators may be displayed:

  • which users have registered and passed KYC on your platform,
  • the total number of offers for different statuses,
  • the total amount of funds raised,
  • the number of investments collected,
  • number of current offers

By default, the AML officer dashboard will show key metrics from the AML office. The dashboard of the support service will contain the key indicators of the support department.

The accounting department will see metrics on deposits, payments and other financial indicators. The company's management will see the most strategically important business indicators.

User Management

The platform administrator can manage all information about all types of users, ranging from basic details such as name and address to more complex things such as:

  • KYC and registration status
  • Attached documents and payment information
  • Show user activity history, attachments, campaigns, payouts
  • Show the offers of borrowers and the investments they have collected
  • Create investments on behalf of the investor
  • Manage transactions on the secondary market
  • Historical data of each customer profile changes

Crowdfunding platform

In the back-office, you can manage capital raising offers and add new offers yourself. The set of requested data about each project can be extensive and customized for your business.

The administrator can monitor the financial side of the crowdfunding platform and track transactions, deposits, payouts, payment schedules, money transfers and much more.

The heart of the crowdfunding business is the commission, as it determines how and how much you are going to earn.

We have made the configuration as flexible as possible, allowing you to configure many parameters:

  • select the type of transaction for which you will be charged;
  • choose whether the commission will be deducted immediately or added to the final amount;
  • determine the percentage and maximum amount of commission.


Our White Label software solution allows you to make your platform unique.

If you need an exclusive look, our team of UX and UI designers will help you create an individual design. However, if you have a limited budget, you can choose a design from the collection of designs.