How it works

Get up-to-date market data
in your financial platform



You tell us what data you need about your market regularly and how your employee could collect them manually



We automate the actions of your employee and configure the data flow to your financial platform



The customer portal and back-office will receive the necessary data stream, access to which you can sell

Usage examples

Automatic data monitoring

There are many examples of data collection and monitoring for competitive and business intelligence. Here are a few options for using such a monitoring system:

Market research

Statistical data is collected from a variety of public sources and combined into one data set, which allows you to automatically generate various reports and market research.

Search for profitable objects

Real estate ad portals are scanned, erroneous data is filtered out, and then all the information is aggregated into a single database. After that, the system builds analytics for each real estate object and evaluates it in comparison with similar objects in the district. Ready-made complete data is sent to your customers in their customer portals and employees in the admin back office. A similar use is possible to search for information on cars and vacancies.