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Marketing site (promo site)

Study the ready-made layouts for your financial platform. Use one of the many themes to save time and set up your website quickly.

Mobile website for your financial platform

This site represents the "face" of your project. It is to him that your potential customers come and decide whether to cooperate with you or not.

The most important thing in this site should be the design, interface, and content. There will be no business logic, or anything complicated on this site. Mostly only the designer and marketers will work with this site. You can safely give them access to your site without fear that they will break something in the functionality itself.

Many of our competitors often combine a website with an investor's office. In our experience, this is a big mistake:

  • it is easier to "drop" such a site by overloading it with many requests
  • you will have to buy site overload protection relatively early (Cloudflare, etc.)
  • it is more difficult for a designer to "dress" a design on a website
  • after each change, the tester will need to test the entire functionality, not just the visual part of the site

Site security is provided by the API

Data from the project itself is taken to this site via the API, and not directly from the database. For example, data about current projects or some static information.

The promo site usually doesn't even use databases. He gets everything he needs via the API. This architecture will allow your site to withstand many visitors.

Attracting the first customers and managing through CMS

The design themes of your website are immediately designed for early promotion and the full-scale launch of the financial platform.

At your request, one of the popular CMS can be installed on your marketing site. This will allow your employees to edit the site content themselves.