Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about FinMV or contact a manager to schedule a call.

Is FinMV open source?

No. FinMV is proprietary software that we provide on a subscription-based or perpetual license model. You may choose between white-label fintech software or request to build a custom platform.

Where is your platform hosted?

The platform is hosted at our servers or yours depending on the product tier. You may choose between DigitalOcean, AWS, Host-Telecom or a hosting provider of your choice.

Which technical hosting plan and server capacity to choose?

We recommend cloud hosting with resources (or more): 4 vCPU (cores), 6 GB RAM (memory), 120 GB SSD (storage), 100 Gb HDD (storage for backups). Estimated price: 50-70 USD per month. For example, DigitalOcean (8 GiB) or Host-Telecom.

Which data center to choose from a hosting provider?

If your target market is Europe, then choose a European data center for your platform. If the target market is the USA, then choose an American data center. This is important to comply with data retention laws. Data about Europeans should be stored in Europe, and data about Americans in the United States. Similar laws exist in many countries.

How does the development process work?

Our business analyst with a project manager identify your needs and formalize the requirements. When everything is approved, we’ll structure work based on the Scrum approach, breaking down the development phase into bi-weekly sprints, which allows us to deliver new changes and development process results which you can show to your partners, investors or clients. Our team normally consists of project manager, quality assurance engineer, frontend developer and backend developer.

Can you integrate a CRM and marketing automation tools with FinMV?

Conceptually, FinMV shares many traits of a CRM system. You can track registrations, collect and study customer data, manage transactions, campaigns and many more. Speaking of more traditional CRMs rather than a crowdfunding platform, yes, we can integrate PipeDrive, Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, or Customer IO as well as other CRMs and marketing automation tools.

What payment gateways can be integrated with FinMV?

Technically, we can implement any payment gateway. Possible integration with payment service providers: Paysera, Stripe, PayPal, Wise, etc. Each of investment platforms has own country-specific payment gateway: MangoPay, LemonWay, Paysera, Goji in the UK and Europe; PrimeTrust/FundAmerica, WePay in the USA; HyperPay in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Depending on your market or region, we can research the required payment processing provider and implement it on demand.

Do you offer P2P, P2B, equity, reward and donation modules?

Yes, with FinMV, you can run a full-scale crowdfunding platform and combine all of the offering types including debt, equity, donation and rewards. You can also have only one offering type enabled and have other types turned off.

How is your software updated?

Our internal software updates won’t impact your platform. Your version of the software is stable and is updated on demand.

Do you provide legal consulting for registering a fintech platform?

Our strongest side is software expertise and not legal advice. We can provide you with the relevant connections and contacts from our catalog of fintech lawyers. Read more