Our articles about Fintech

Crowdfunding for politics
Daniel Lee 26.03.2023

Fundraising strategy where political candidates or organizations use online platforms to raise money from a large number of individual donors to support their campaign or political activities

Team as a service (TaaS) and source code of platform
Emily Carter 21.02.2023

Our IT team can take our ready-made software (investment portal, customer account, back office and API) and customize it for your business

Technical Angel
Michael Piskunov 23.06.2022

Our company FinMV is one of those who sell shovels during the gold rush. Now such a "gold rush" is fintech, as well as everything connected with it.

ESMA’s Final Report
European Securities and Markets Authority 19.05.2022

ESMA’s Technical Advice to the Commission on the possibility to extend the transitional period pursuant to Article 48(3) of Regulation (EU) 2020/1503

Market research
Michael Piskunov 22.11.2021

The story of how we created an investment platform with a personal account, back office and started a new business.