Start your crowdfunding business without investing huge amounts of money into creating an expensive platform

Private Equity Fund

Private Equity Fund

Customizable crowdfunding software for entrepreneurs, business angels, VC, and private equity funds

Debt Investment Platform

Debt Investment Platform

Create a P2P platform for debt financing of real estate or business

Equity Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding

Specialized software for stock crowdfunding

14 years of experience

Flexible product features for your business

Launch a custom crowdfunding platform to outperform competitors and enter the international crowdfunding market.


Quickly set up a crowdfunding platform with a marketing website, apply to the regulatory sandbox, validate ideas and test the market.


You can leave us at any time because we provide access to the program code of your website, customer portal, back-office and database.

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Crowdfunding Platform Demo

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How it works

How to launch with us



We will present to you full capabilities of our platform and discuss your vision for parts of your business you want the software to cover. This mutual introduction will then lead to us presenting you a personalized offer for your own version of FinMV.



We will require you to prepare your own web design that would make platform fit your general business brandbook. This step can vary in time depending on how much adaptation needs to be done.



You can start working with your own platform, investing in sales and marketing to attract investors and fundraisers to your platform. Setup fee starts from $10k, Monthly fee - from $1k per month.


Flexible platform functionality

We have developed a universal platform that allows you to make a fintech product with any functionality. You can get the software configured for the business logic you need and with the necessary functionality.


Access to program code and database

We perfectly understand the risks of your business. Therefore, your developers can access the program code (promo site, customer portal, admin back-office), as well as an up-to-date database backup.


Possibility of migration

One day your business will grow. Unlike some competitors, we do not seek to tie your business forever to our services. Our architecture will allow you to migrate to your software unnoticed by users.

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