Legal Services

Incorporation offer

European Crowdfunding Service Provider Company

Create a turnkey crowdfunding platform in the European Union

Lending-based model *

* Service and price offer for other models are agreed individually.


Registration issues

  • Company registration with the selected jurisdiction (choice from Latvia and Estonia, other jurisdictions to be discussed individually)
  • Facilitation in client onboarding and opening an account with a payment institution

  • 02

    Set up of business model

  • Consultation and legal opinion regarding the appropriateness or the choice of the model most suitable for Customer’s business
  • General guidelines on licensing process, providing a list of documentation to apply for the ECSP license

  • 03

    Business model and Business plan

    Developed individually for the Customer:

  • Description of the organizational structure
  • Activity plan
  • Financial plan
  • Marketing strategy
  • Staff recruitment plan

  • 04

    Risk management documents

    Developed individually for the Customer based on its Business plan:

  • Business continuity plan
  • Description of internal control mechanism
  • Description of IT System and related risks and measures
  • Description of risk management system
  • Description of operational risks

  • 05

    Internal procedures

  • Customers on-boarding and monitoring Rules
  • Data processing rules
  • Credit procedure
  • Debt collection procedure
  • Investor status determination procedure
  • Investor Servicing procedure
  • Backup procedure
  • Cyber incident management procedure
  • Unusual activities monitoring procedure
  • Complaints handling procedure
  • Credit risk management procedure
  • Risk Management Procedure
  • Staff approval procedure
  • Reporting procedure
  • Compliance procedure
  • Situations of conflict-of-interest prevention and monitoring rules
  • Internal Accounting Rules

  • 06

    Documentation related to service providing

    Published on the Platform:

  • Registration Rules
  • Terms and Conditions for Investors
  • Terms and Conditions for Project owners
  • Agent agreement (annex to T&Cs for Investors)
  • AML/CTF policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • Cookies policy

  • 07

    Internal policies

  • Investor Categorization Policy
  • Information Security Policy
  • Logging policy
  • Access control policy
  • Credit risk management policy
  • Situations of conflict-of-interest prevention and monitoring Policy

  • 08

    Preparation and submission of Application

  • Completion of the Application for authorization as ECSP
  • Preparing set of the documents required for approval of the top management of the Company by the Regulator

  • 09

    Staffing issues

  • Assessment of staff members
  • Completion of the forms required by the Regulator

  • 10

    Ready platform site

  • Promo site
  • Investor Portal
  • Back office for employees
  • APIs and integrations

  • Pricing

    Special turnkey package price: €124,900 (exclusive of VAT)

    Individual price: subject to the personalized service offer

    Preparation of the personalized service offer: €790 (exclusive of VAT) *

    * Includes up to 2h acquaintance Zoom meeting and consultation of legal, financial and IT experts