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These fashionable terms hide a hint about how much you need to edit the program code to make changes to the platform. Let's say right away that the financial platform we have created for you will be able to work in both modes.

Option 1. No-Code

Companies without their own IT department can work with the platform without the need for programming. You will be able to manage the platform through numerous settings and an interface in your back-office.

This approach allows you not to understand the syntax of the program code at all.

Option 2. Low-code

We are often approached by companies that have many of their programmers. Such companies could develop a product on their own, but this is not their main activity.

These companies may temporarily allocate narrow specialists, but not permanently. That's why we have the "Code Access" option. Having gained access to the program code of the website, the investor's office or the back-office, these specialists can make significant changes to the interface of the platform with a minimum of programming. Unlike traditional programming, these specialists will not need to know anything extra about the internal structure of the financial platform.

This approach allows you to significantly influence the appearance and interface of the project with minimal programming.