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Own servers or cloud technologies?

Many companies traditionally place their servers in data centres for their project. This approach is already outdated and is not profitable both at the beginning of the project and during its growth.

We strongly recommend to our customers the placement of a financial platform in a cloud infrastructure.

Option 1. Installing your servers in the data centre

A server is a computer that is permanently hosted on the Internet. It is on it that your website is physically hosted, which is accessible to Internet users.

For the placement of ordinary sites, some company's hosting is traditionally used. But if the site is expected to be large, then they put their server in the data centre. At the same time, your site does not share server resources with other customers of the hosting company.

Such solutions for financial platforms are not economically profitable, and from a technical point of view are unpromising.

While there are few active users on your site, most of the server resources will be idle. As your business grows, your platform will consume more and more resources (memory, processor resources, disk space). You will have to buy more resources as they are exhausted until you hit the ceiling of the capabilities of one server. After that, a lot of work will be required to rework the project into a cluster structure and divide the project into several servers.

Option 2. Take advantage of cloud technologies

The cloud is not just some computer. This is a large group of servers whose resources are combined into one infrastructure. In this case, you rent specific resources for your project as needed.

In the beginning, a minimal number of resources is sufficient, and with an increase in marketing activity and customer base, you can buy and buy more resources. The most important thing is that there is no ceiling of possibilities when you suddenly must redo a project on the architecture of several servers.

We recommend that you host your platforms in a cloud infrastructure. Now there is high competition in the cloud services market and there are plenty of offers for every taste. We will help you choose the optimal solution.