How it works

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Our technology stack

We developed the website, the investor's office and the back-office using the latest version of the PHP language using the Laravel framework. Almost any stack of technologies can be used for the Front-end.

Freedom of choice of technologies

You can use our ready-made developments in PHP or write yours in Java. The functionality will not change from this, since all components work with the database and business logic not directly, but through the API.

Your website, investor's office or back-office can technically be written in any programming language (Java, PHP, etc.). We chose PHP and Laravel because it is easier to find programmers with this stack of technologies in the labour market.

If you want to make some components in your way, then you should proceed from which qualified programmers are more available to your company.

The convenience of microservice architecture is that your site can have several types of investor offices or back-offices. They can be different and written in different programming languages.