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The "Online Trade Management" configuration is designed to control inventory and sales. You can do all of the above in the cloud and literally at every stage of the work with clients, from establishing a contact to shipping. The software allows you to solve business problems and is perfect for managing sales. You will be able to set rules for managing sales, which can be individual for a particular client or typical for an entire segment. Commercial offers can be made based on our cloud platform. You will be able to see remotely via the Internet the needs of your customers for purchases or services.

This software is suitable for reflecting the entire range of loading and unloading of goods. Commodity operations can be wholesale, commission and retail. The software is perfect for organizing product deliveries. Returns of goods can also be processed through this program. This program makes accounting of agency contracts.

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Trade Portal
Accounting for sales transactions to wholesale and retail customers, the implementation of services, the formation of the necessary documents. Registration of customer orders, reservation of goods in the warehouse for a specific order and tracking the execution of the order. Formation of invoices for payment and commercial offers. Accounting for sales on a commission basis. Correction of implementations, accounting for discrepancies with the buyer's data. Accounting for the work of sales representatives. Use of gift certificates for retail sales and other transactions.
Accounting for the purchase of goods and services, the formation of all necessary printed forms. Making orders to the supplier, tracking the execution of this order. Automatic loading of incoming documents from Excel files. Storing the supplier's prices with the ability to compare with the prices of other suppliers within a specific stock item. Purchasing on a commission basis. Processing returns to the supplier.
Movement of goods, posting and write-off with automatic generation of documents and reporting accompanying the process. Receiving and shipping according to packing lists. Goods delivery management. Accounting for assembly and disassembly of goods. Printing price tags and labels. Inventory of goods with the formation of all necessary forms of documents.
Treasury Department
Accounting for payment requests. Formation of the payment calendar. Entering spending limits. Support for acquiring operations. Accounting for loan and deposit agreements. Preparation of advance reports. Preparation of cash and bank documents. Exchange with the client-bank (including direct exchange technology). Writing off or offsetting debt.
CRM and Marketing
Storing item prices in several price types. Manual and automatic sales discounts. Segmentation of customers and nomenclature. The use of loyalty cards (discounts), marketing activities, questioning. Classification of products by product categories, seasonality coefficients, management of product collections and formats of retail stores, classification of products by sales ratings.
Documents and reports on sales planning, including product categories, procurement planning and product assembly.
You can see full information about counterparties and change their status
All sections of the back office have powerful filters and the ability to export data in different formats
Data Export
All sections of the back office have the ability to export data in different formats
This section allows you to add employees as new users. You can manage users and their roles.
This section allows you to create and manage user roles. You can create a new role with any permissions.
The administrator can create new roles for users and grant them permissions
You can see any documents created on the client platform
You will be able to manage templates for all documents in the platform
You can create notification manually and assign and/or eliminate recipients. System can ensure the automated generation of notifications.
Notification Templates
You will be able to manage templates for all notifications in the platform
E-mail Notifications
System will ensure the automated circulation of e-mail notifications according to the templates and pre-set triggers. Email templates must be created and agreed upon in advance.
E-mail Templates
You will be able to manage templates for all e-mails in the platform
Additional options
AML Office
AML Officer can filter counterparties you have to check on compliance with your AML policy
Historical Data
You can see the log of historical data for any platform object: counterparties, personal data, company data, etc.
Dashboard shows metrics and graphs customizable for your platform
Automatic Reminders
You can create automatic reminders for any counterparty
API Keys
On the page you can see the API keys of the user. API keys are used to create requests to the banking API without a username and password. Also, when using the API key you don’t need to enter a confirmation code.
Two-factor Auth Method
The page in the user profile displays the authentication methods connected to the account
Payment service providers can be integrated to automate payment processing.
Select a KYC service provider to verify counterparties.


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