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The EU Crowdfunding Regulation has applied since 10 November 2021 and opens up new fundraising opportunities without the need for a full capital markets prospectus, including crowdfunding via a single European passport. While they are not specifically targeted at fintechs or fintech start-ups, these new opportunities will also be usable by fintechs.1

Cryptocurrencies are treated as immaterial and non-consumable assets for income tax purposes. Interest and gains resulting from cryptocurrencies and tokens are subject to capital gains tax. If held for one's private assets, gains resulting from trading cryptocurrencies are tax-free if the cryptocurrencies are held for longer than one year.1

The mining of cryptocurrencies is considered a commercial activity subject to income tax. The same applies to trading cryptocurrencies or operating a Bitcoin ATM.1

According to the Austrian Ministry of Finance, in accordance with Case C-254/14 of the European Court of Justice (Hedqvist), exchanging fiat currency (e.g., the euro) against cryptocurrencies is not subject to VAT. The same applies to cryptocurrency mining.1

If goods and services are delivered in exchange for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, the goods and services are taxed the same way as payment effected in fiat currency (e.g., the euro). The amount of tax is calculated in accordance with the value of the cryptocurrency at the time of the exchange.1

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