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CRM for Customer Relationship Management

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The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) configuration is designed to build long-term relationships with customers. Automatic data exchange with your sales tools and other software. CRM is an important element of business development, focused not only on attracting, but also on retaining customers. Personal solutions for your industry.

This software makes it possible to conduct transactions with the preservation of the entire history - from lead generation to the completion of a business transaction and receiving customer feedback. Building long-term relationships with customers is a priority for entrepreneurship.

What currency will be the main one on the platform?
What language will be on the platform by default?
Will the platform use multiple languages?
Will the platform use multiple currencies?
CRM Portal
Contact Database
Convenient and functional base of contacts.
Communication History
Operational display of the history of communication for a specific client.
Business Processes
Ability to manage business processes. Identification of errors in the conduct of trade.
Advanced Alert System
Reminders on the terms of contracts, key events on transactions, etc.
Telemarketer Workplace
Effective organization of the work of a telemarketer.
Great Integration Possibilities
Ability to integrate with the main line of FinMV software products, mail, SMS services, IP telephony or cloud PBX.
Time Management
Management of employees' time for processes.
Potential Clients
Control of lead generation channels and their inclusion in the sales funnel.
Client Interest
Managing the life cycle of a client's request, maintaining all communications and documents in one place.
Application Acceptance Wizard
A convenient tool for prompt identification of an appeal, its registration and dispatching to the responsible manager.
Automatic Motivator
A calendar for scheduling the work of account managers, which allows managers to evenly distribute the load of their working time according to the point system.
My Business
Manager's to-do list management
My Sales
Managing customer requests for sales managers.
Manager Performance
A system of performance indicators for managers in the form of a traffic light. An operational report for the manager on the quality of the work of managers, which displays information on the completeness of filling in contact information, a client portrait and working out leads.
Sales Funnels
Control the path that the consumer takes from the moment of attracting his attention to your offer to the moment of purchase.
You can see full information about counterparties and change their status
This section allows you to add employees as new users. You can manage users and their roles.
This section allows you to create and manage user roles. You can create a new role with any permissions.
The administrator can create new roles for users and grant them permissions
Additional options
Dashboard shows metrics and graphs customizable for your platform
Two-factor Auth Method
The page in the user profile displays the authentication methods connected to the account


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