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The "Document Management" configuration allows you to streamline your work with documents, eliminate the loss of changes during simultaneous work, and organize a search through documentation. Supports multi-user work in the local network and online, including through a browser.

This software streamlines the interaction between employees, tracks working hours, implements accounting of documents in accordance with the provisions of the current regulatory documentation and office work traditions. Presented in several versions, including a specialized edition for government agencies. It is possible to configure interaction with other applications and data exchange through text files, XML documents and web services.

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Document Management Portal
Document Search
You can organize your work with documents and set up a quick search for documentation, including full-text
Work with documents of any type (texts, images, video files, audio files, office documents, archives, applications, etc.)
Registration of Documents
Registration of incoming and outgoing documents, registration of internal documents (instructions, memos, instructions, etc.)
Document Types
Accounting by types of documents
Document Storage
Storing documents in directories of any structure at the discretion of the user
Uploading Documents
Download documents from email or scanner
Paperwork Support
Keeping a nomenclature of cases, controlling the movement of documents, etc.
Appeals of Citizens
Accounting for citizens' appeals and accounting for personal data
Resolution Mechanism
Work with documents at all stages of the life cycle (from drafts to approval or destruction)
Links between Documents
Ability to specify links between documents, create chains of subordinate documents
The ability to work collectively with the same file (coordination, execution control, acceptance, etc.)
Customizable routing for different types of documents (building business processes in relation to specific users and their roles)
Storage of all versions and editing history of documents, protection against unauthorized access to documents, protection against simultaneous editing of documents by several users
Performance Discipline Control
Monitoring the timing and scope of tasks. Daily accounting of the working time of employees in the context of the work performed. Analysis of the cost of working time of individual employees, departments, projects based on reports.
All sections of the back office have powerful filters and the ability to export data in different formats
Data Export
All sections of the back office have the ability to export data in different formats
This section allows you to add employees as new users. You can manage users and their roles.
This section allows you to create and manage user roles. You can create a new role with any permissions.
The administrator can create new roles for users and grant them permissions
You will be able to manage templates for all documents in the platform
You can create notification manually and assign and/or eliminate recipients. System can ensure the automated generation of notifications.
Notification Templates
You will be able to manage templates for all notifications in the platform
E-mail Notifications
System will ensure the automated circulation of e-mail notifications according to the templates and pre-set triggers. Email templates must be created and agreed upon in advance.
E-mail Templates
You will be able to manage templates for all e-mails in the platform
Additional options
Dashboard shows metrics and graphs customizable for your platform
Two-factor Auth Method
The page in the user profile displays the authentication methods connected to the account


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