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The "ERP Enterprise Management" configuration is a world-class software product that provides comprehensive automation of companies in various fields of activity. Automation and control with ERP is suitable for multidisciplinary companies dealing with any production work. The implementation of this system is ideal for solving a wide range of business processes.

This software incorporates best practices and years of developer experience combined with innovative technology to understand the importance and necessity of investing in business process automation. This program is focused on the introduction and optimization of functions required by enterprises and organizations in various areas of work. Automatic data exchange with your sales tools and other software.

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Enterprise Management Portal
Manufacturing Control
You will be able to create an order for production, track the progress of work on orders, keep records of the full production cycle, create production schedules, work with route sheets, etc.
Monitoring and Analysis of Enterprise Performance Indicators
You will be able to identify problem areas in work, control tasks, analyze key processes, generate reports
Cost Management
The program allows you to effectively assess the cost of resources in areas of activity, keep track of costs, calculate the cost of production
Financial Management
You will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of business models in the program, analyze financial prospects and performance results
Repair Management
The software allows you to keep records of operating objects, register defects in production, plan repair work, and generate repair orders.
The customer relationship management system allows you to manage transactions, regulate sales processes, plan events, store complete information on counterparties, analyze transactions, process customer complaints, and evaluate the effectiveness of managers.
Sales Management
You can put up a commercial offer in the system, fix the shipment of goods, organize delivery, issue a return, etc.
Regulated Accounting
The platform allows you to do accounting for various taxation systems
Human Resources and Payroll
The system makes it convenient to maintain a staffing table, work and vacation schedules, work time records, payroll, make mutual settlements with employees, generate reports, etc.
Purchasing Management
The software product allows you to create new orders to the supplier, select suppliers and purchase conditions, create an order, control the execution of orders, monitor prices, schedule deliveries, issue a return, etc.
Warehouse and Inventory Management
The software allows you to keep records of goods at the level of storage cells, use various selection strategies to optimize the warehouse. The program automates the process of placing goods in storage cells, selecting goods from cells and moving goods from one cell to another.
You can see full information about counterparties and change their status
All sections of the back office have powerful filters and the ability to export data in different formats
Data Export
All sections of the back office have the ability to export data in different formats
This section allows you to add employees as new users. You can manage users and their roles.
This section allows you to create and manage user roles. You can create a new role with any permissions.
The administrator can create new roles for users and grant them permissions
You will be able to manage templates for all documents in the platform
You can create notification manually and assign and/or eliminate recipients. System can ensure the automated generation of notifications.
Notification Templates
You will be able to manage templates for all notifications in the platform
E-mail Notifications
System will ensure the automated circulation of e-mail notifications according to the templates and pre-set triggers. Email templates must be created and agreed upon in advance.
E-mail Templates
You will be able to manage templates for all e-mails in the platform
Additional options
AML Office
AML Officer can filter counterparties you have to check on compliance with your AML policy
Historical Data
You can see the log of historical data for any platform object: counterparties, personal data, company data, etc.
Dashboard shows metrics and graphs customizable for your platform
Automatic Reminders
You can create automatic reminders for any counterparty
API Keys
On the page you can see the API keys of the user. API keys are used to create requests to the banking API without a username and password. Also, when using the API key you don’t need to enter a confirmation code.
Two-factor Auth Method
The page in the user profile displays the authentication methods connected to the account
Payment service providers can be integrated to automate payment processing.
Select a KYC service provider to verify counterparties.


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