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The "Warehouse Management" configuration is designed for operational accounting of warehouse operations, quick inventory, convenient work with mobile applications and shop equipment, printing of warehouse documents, labels and price tags. The software allows you to organize warehouse accounting both in the wholesale warehouse and in small pavilions and retail outlets. Analysis of the quantity of stocks, their cost, control over the turnover of goods allows you to reduce losses, increase sales and business profits.

This software allows you to manage warehouse operations, equipment and personnel in the best possible way. A distinctive feature of the system is the ease and simplicity of adapting the program to the working conditions of almost any warehouse complex, the specifics of its technological and organizational requirements. This is achieved through flexible settings without the work of programmers. Any barcode can be printed on a conventional printer or on a specialized label printer. The radio terminals have an online connection to the system to provide real-time operation. All data is extracted and entered into the system without the participation of the operator directly by the employees performing the operations. The operator can monitor and influence the progress of work.

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Warehouse Portal
Accounting for Goods in Warehouse Address Space
Accounting in the context of packages, expiration dates, batches, serial numbers, excise stamps, quality. Accounting for packaging and control of the dimensions of the goods. ABC/XYZ analysis. Work with transit cargoes. Excise accounting. Working with blocks of cells. Kit accounting.
Management of Basic Warehouse Tasks
Acceptance, placement, movement, barcoding, selection, packaging, shipment, control, inventory, warehouse compression.
Resource Management
Classification and prioritization of warehouse tasks. Automatic distribution and issuance of tasks. Fixing the task executor, execution duration, downtime. Registration of errors when performing warehouse tasks. Determination of access rights, taking into account the qualifications of personnel and access zones. Calculation of the production of warehouse personnel by volume, weight, number of operations. Analysis of the effectiveness and productivity of personnel (KPI). Calculation of the required number of personnel per shift. Warehouse equipment management and route optimization.
Yard Management
Managing the movement of vehicles in the warehouse area. Registration of the fact of entry and exit of the vehicle. Formation and issuance of passes. Determination of parking spaces for different models of transport. Loading/unloading gate schedule. Statement on the gate, taking into account the models of transport. Control of loading and unloading operations. Accounting and analysis of schedules of arrival/departure of vehicles. Automatic appointment of the loading and unloading window by the time the vehicle arrives at the warehouse.
Warehouse Control
Warehouse manager's monitor. Monitor orders and tasks. Monitor dispatchers of acceptance and shipment. Resource Monitor. Warehouse analytics.
Warehouse Efficiency Analysis
Monitoring the status of orders and tasks to be completed. Analysis of warehouse occupancy by zones and storage cells. Analysis of the current state of the warehouse in the context of address storage. Plan-factual analysis of the goods expected to be received and, in fact, taken to the warehouse. Plan-fact analysis of the ordered and shipped goods from the warehouse. Analysis of the development of warehouse personnel.
Working with radio terminals for data collection
Work without warehouse operators. Online warehouse operation. The use of data collection terminals in the processing of all warehouse tasks. The use of radio terminals to perform auxiliary operations.
All sections of the back office have powerful filters and the ability to export data in different formats
Data Export
All sections of the back office have the ability to export data in different formats
This section allows you to add employees as new users. You can manage users and their roles.
This section allows you to create and manage user roles. You can create a new role with any permissions.
The administrator can create new roles for users and grant them permissions
Additional options
Automated Decision Making
The system for a modern warehouse complex allows you to optimize the use of warehouse space, reduce the cost of storing goods in a warehouse, reduce the time of all warehouse operations, reduce the number of erroneous warehouse operations, increase the accuracy of accounting for goods, reduce dependence on the "human factor".
Dashboard shows metrics and graphs customizable for your platform
Two-factor Auth Method
The page in the user profile displays the authentication methods connected to the account


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