Offer for startups

Fast start for $9800

You can launch your platform by paying $9800 initially and the rest after 6 months if your business grows

Especially for fintech startups

Key Conditions

We offer you installment payment for the boxed version of our platform. You will need to pay the main part of the price only in cases of attracting investments or the rapid growth of the audience of your platform.

Fast Start

We already have a ready-made solution that we can quickly customize for your project.

Initial Fee

You only pay $9800 and the rest later if your business grows.

Free Support

You do not pay a monthly fee and have free technical support until Start Day.

Buying Opportunity

You can buy a one-time license or rent the software for any period.

Boxed Version

We only provide the boxed version. Additional work is paid separately.

Data Access

Your project will work on a separate cloud hosting with the ability to access the database.

How to order?

Select a product in the price calculator and fill out an online brief: