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All banking accounts are multi-currency, work for private, business customers and licensed financial institutions via API, web and mobile interfaces.

Transcription of a video demonstration of a digital bank

Hi! Greeting to you! I am Michael Piskunov.
I will conduct a demonstration of a digital bank for you, as the architect of this software package.

I would like to immediately point out 5 reasons why you should choose our software for your digital bank:

The first point. Our expertise has allowed us to provide for a huge number of details that any new team of developers might not even take into account.

The second point. We have already built up numerous integrations with different service providers that will spur the launch of your project.

Thirdly. Scalability of your platform will allow you to enter new markets no matter what currencies and languages they operate.

The fourth point. Functionality of the platform might be augmented by numerous modules according to your preferences as follows: for instance, investment and credit functionality, cryptocurrencies and NFT, auto-investment and the secondary market.

The fifth point. We provide you with technical specifications that might spur obtaining necessary licenses by you, passing certification processes to save your time for launching a project.

Let me demonstrate you what your banking platform, which renders banking services exclusively in e-format, could look like.

It will comprise of four websites rooted in a single domain.

Your promo website located at the main address of your domain is the first website of yours. For instance, crowfunding.com This website is designed for new visitors. It is aimed at converting visitors into registered users. Your personal design could be installed on our ready-made solution. That's not a mandatory factor since a promo website might be developed on any CMS.

An online account designed for registered users is the second website of yours. We develop this website at the address of some subdomain. For instance, account.crowdfunding.com A user should pass the ID procedure to enter this account; he or she could download documents, order bank cards and convert currencies. That's the place where interaction between your customer and you platform is effected. A customer's account could be designed in your style, if desired.

A back-office for your employees is the third website of yours. Variable role-dependent functional will be accessible for your employees on this very website. They will be able to manage platform, work with customers, and check users in compliance with the legislation of your country. All project financial data, as well as all transactions and automatically generated and notifications will be available in the back-office. You will be able to customize contract templates, email templates and notification templates on your own. All this functionality is available using multilingualism and multicurrency.

Secure API via which the promo website, customer's account and back-office interact with databases and information repositories is the fourth website of yours. It is this website that can be identified as the "brain of the system" while the previous three represent a visual interface. Integration with other systems is possible due to API.

The functionality of the banking platform has the potential for remarkable extension. Reports Automation Module grounded upon your templates provides you with the opportunity to configure reports necessary for your business and supervising authorities.

From a technical point of view, the platform uses a microservice architecture that allows you to solve various business solutions. For instance, to provide additional functionality to large or VIP clients, to provide separate back offices to various branches and representative offices with the necessary language and functionality.

Write us and our manager will respond shortly.