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Fintech in Taiwan


On 31 January 2018, the Taiwan government promulgated a law for the fintech regulatory sandbox, the FinTech Development and Innovation and Experiment Act (the Sandbox Act), which went into effect on 30 April 2018. As part of the Sandbox Act, fintech companies can test their financial technologies within a controlled regulatory environment.1

Fintech companies are not currently eligible for tax incentives.1

A license from the FSC is generally required to conduct finance-related activities in Taiwan. In contrast, fintech companies do not have a special licence. Under relevant laws and FSC regulations, fintech companies must meet certain qualifications based on the types of regulated activities they engage in.1

A general marketing rule applicable to financial services marketing materials is provided by the Financial Consumer Protection Act (FCPA) and its related regulations. In general, under the FCPA, when conducting advertising, promotional or marketing activities, financial services providers should not falsify, conceal, hide or take any action that would mislead financial consumers, and should ensure that the advertisements are truthful.1

Financial service providers are also subject to additional marketing rules as specified in laws and regulations governing specific types of financial services or products, in addition to the general FCPA marketing rules.1

Crowdfunding in Taiwan

Fintech in other countries

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