Project manager

We are looking for a cool project manager to help organize the work of website development.

Employment type: Full time

Salary: From 700€ to 1500€

  1. More than 1.5 years of practical experience in managing development teams in commercial web projects.
  2. Understanding Agile methods in project management.
  3. The ability to find a common language with different people, the ability to maintain the morale of the team and the ability to be invisible in moments of maximum team concentration.
  4. Knowledge and understanding of UX/UI will be an advantage.
  5. Knowledge of foreign languages will be an advantage.
What to do
  1. Collect requirements for development tasks from the project marketer.
  2. Develop terms of reference for web developers.
  3. Interact with the design department in case of questions from the development department, as well as in the process of developing the terms of reference.
  4. Plan work and deadlines together with the developer, determine priorities, monitor their implementation.
  5. Write instructions for customers on how to use the product.
  6. Organize meetings with project teams.