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Platforms for crowdfunding, crowdlending, crowdinvesting, P2P lending, real estate crowdfunding, donations, banking, payment systems, etc.

Create your fintech platform with FinMV: crowdfunding, crowdlending, banking with NoCode and White Label software
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We have developed a flexible white-label crowdfunding software for regulated financial businesses:

Cloud technologies, microservice architecture, various modules are the technical basis for your success.

Attention to detail and expertise when setting up the platform is our added value in addition to the product itself.

No-Code Tool

Create Your Crowdfunding Platform Now

NoCode tool for rapid launch with platforms for crowdfunding, crowdlending, crowdinvesting, P2P lending, real estate crowdfunding, donations, and more.

Create Your <span>Crowdfunding</span> Platform Now
Crowdfunding Products

Software solutions for early-stage
businesses and industry leaders

Jumpstart your online investment business

Equity Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding

Whether you’re in private equity, venture capital or angel investing, FinMV can help you automate your investment business operations and manage deals more effectively.

Digitize your offline business and develop an equity crowdfunding platform for SME or property financing.

  • Flexible
  • User-friendly
  • Secure
Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Create a P2P lending platform for corporate or individual investors and borrowers with FinMV. Automate onboarding of investors and borrowers.

Set up a portal for your investors and borrowers where they can manage investments, campaigns, connect wallets, payments, personal information, cards and more.

  • Full-cycle loan automation
  • Credit scoring via third-party
  • Payment processing automation

Real Estate Investing

Digitize your offline business and develop an equity crowdfunding platform for SME or property financing.

Create a buy-to-sell or buy-to-rent property crowdfunding platform for real estate syndication. FinMV provides a customisable real estate crowdfunding software for different stages of your business.

  • Real estate fund
  • Crowdfunding portal
  • Investment trust (REIT)
Real Estate Investing


Use FinMV to get started with crowdfunding or build a donation management platform.

Manage donation crowdfunding projects easier.

  • Flexible integrations
  • Guaranteed transparency
  • Streamlined management

Flexible platform functionality

We have developed a universal platform that allows you to make a fintech product with any functionality. You can get the software configured for the business logic you need and with the necessary functionality.


Access to program code and database

We perfectly understand the risks of your business. Therefore, your developers can access the program code (promo site, customer portal, admin back-office), as well as an up-to-date database backup.


Possibility of migration

One day your business will grow. Unlike some competitors, we do not seek to tie your business forever to our services. Our architecture will allow you to migrate to your software unnoticed by users.

Fintech Products

Get Fully Branded Software

Core Banking

Core Banking

Launching of your own Digital Banking product has never been easier.

Merchant Payments

Merchant Payments

Build your own merchant payment system with a complete White Label cloud platform.

Microfinance Software

Microfinance Software

Automate the entire lending lifecycle from origination to servicing and collection.

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Our No-Code solution allows you to launch your crowdfunding platform for $399 per month, with the first two weeks free to try the platform.

FinTech (Financial Technology)

Financial technology, or fintech, refers to firms that use new technology to compete with traditional financial methods. Technology such as smartphones for mobile banking, investing, borrowing, and cryptocurrency has made financial services more accessible to the general public. A fintech company is a combination of startups and established financial institutions as well as technology companies that aim to replace or enhance existing financial services.

"Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data are regarded as the "ABCD" (four key areas) of fintech."

"Statistical models and stochastic optimization in financial technology and investment science" (2020)

How does FinTech work?

FinTech (financial technology) is a catch-all term for software, mobile applications, and other technologies designed to improve and automate traditional forms of finance. From straightforward mobile payment apps to complex blockchain networks housing encrypted transactions, FinTech can cover a wide range of applications. Fintech is a versatile concept that facilitates financial services and transactions. It promotes streamlining of processes, making them more accessible and cost-effective. AI, big data, and encrypted blockchain technology are often used to guarantee secure payments within an online network.

AI, big data, and blockchain technology have all revolutionized how companies transfer, store, and protect digital currencies in modern fintech. Businesses can take advantage of AI to gain valuable insight into consumer behavior and spending habits, which allows them to better understand their customers. In addition to predicting market changes, big data analytics can help companies develop new business strategies based on data. Blockchain, a newer technology within finance, allows for decentralized transactions without inputs from a third party; a network of blockchain participants oversees potential changes or additions to encrypted data.

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