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Crowdfunding activities are offered through IFCs, and may be offered as peer-to-peer lending, with investors granting loans to recipients, equity crowdfunding, with investors purchasing equity interests in recipient corporations, or co-investments in assets and project funding, with investors and recipients entering into joint ventures through which the investor purchases an interest in a current or future asset or in the income or proceeds from a project offered by the recipient.1

IFC platforms must provide, among other requirements, disclosure on the selection of recipients and projects and the terms followed for the due diligence of these and a risk profile of the investments, including details on the repayment of loans, formalisation of the transactions and a report to credit information companies.1

Applicable law provides limits to the transactions that may be offered through IFC platforms. These limits include a maximum amount that may be requested by recipients and the maximum amount that may be invested by a single investor.1

Agreements entered into by IFCs with users, both investors and recipients, must comply with financial consumer protection laws aimed to provide transparency and certainty to all parties involved. Fees and costs must also be clearly disclosed and approved by the CNBV.1

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