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Digital assets in Switzerland


The Swiss government is currently pursuing several projects to set up digital marketplaces. To date, digital marketplaces have only existed for payment tokens, not security tokens. However, SIX recently obtained a licence for a digital exchange (SDX). It operates a digital exchange from Liechtenstein under the name Smart Valor, a Nasdaq-listed Swiss company.1

As part of the new DLT Act, a special licensing category for trading systems for DLT securities was added to the FMIA. In addition to offering trading services (but not only to licensed entities), these DLT trading systems may also offer central depositary and payment system services (but not act as a central counterparty). To date, no licenses have been granted.1

Furthermore, tokenization of shares, bonds, investment funds, and other assets, as well as NFTs, may remain a major focus in 2022. Because of this, the environment will remain very dynamic and the Swiss and cantonal governments will continue to provide industry support, as well as various associations and associations.1

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