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There is currently no generally recognised digital identity in Switzerland. However, various efforts have been undertaken to raise digital awareness in Switzerland and to introduce a generally recognised digital identity. The Federal Act on Electronic Identification Services required private providers (supervised by the federal administration) to issue recognised digital identities; however, the Act was rejected in a public vote on 7 March 2021. The Federal Administration is currently preparing a revised project. Although, on 22 November 2017, two private project groups (one from Swiss Federal Railways and the postal service, Swiss Post; the other from the former state telecoms company and two major banks, UBS and Credit Suisse) announced that they will join forces and set up a private provider under the name of Swiss-Sign, this has not yet led to the establishment of a broadly accepted Swiss e-ID.1

Switzerland has recognised for some time that an electronic signature guarantees the authenticity of a document, a message or other electronic data and ensures the identity of the signatory.1

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