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Acquiring allows your financial platform to accept non-cash payment for goods and services with plastic cards via the Internet, POS terminals or mobile devices.

OCT (Original Credit Transaction) is a payment method that enables direct transfers of funds to credit card users. Visa Direct and Mastercard Moneysend services, also referred to as an OCT, enable fast and convenient fund transfers so you can send money directly to beneficiaries’ cards, in more than 200 countries.

Acquiring and card payments (OCT)

Examples of service providers for acquiring and payments to bank cards:


United Kingdom
  • Connectum (UK) - acquiring and payment services worldwide.
  • Decta (UK) - an international processing company providing high-tech services in the field of online payment processing, Internet acquiring, as well as issuing payment cards for banks, payment service providers and corporate customers around the world.
  • Total Processing (UK) - provider of individual payment solutions for businesses.
  • Unlimint (UK) not only provides card processing but also offers more than 1,500 alternative payment methods. All this is done so that you can serve your customers anywhere in the world, even where plastic cards are not widely distributed.


North America
  • PayPal (USA) allows customers to pay bills and purchases, send and receive money transfers.
  • SafeCharge (Canada) is a global payment technology that provides services for multi-channel payments, fraud prevention solutions and connection to payment methods.


  • Rietumu Banka (Latvia) is one of the largest banks in Latvia, which specializes in business services.
  • Transact PRO (Latvia) provides online payment acceptance and processing services.
  • X-Infotech (Latvia) is a global provider and integrator of software solutions for electronic identity cards (EID) and payment cards.