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AML, KYC and Anti-fraud

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) systems allow you to fight money laundering through your financial platform.

The use of the KYC (Know Your Customer) service is mandatory for financial companies working with private individuals money. Your company must identify and establish the identity of each counterparty before allowing him to conduct a financial transaction.

The anti-fraud system allows you to detect fraud with payment cards and monitor all payments.

Financial Monitoring (AML)

  • Salv (Estonia) is a comprehensive anti-money laundering solution for your company.



  • NameScan (Australia) can instantly scan and verify the names of individuals and organizations for compliance with sanctions lists and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) to help you fulfil your AML compliance obligations.
  • Sum&Substance (UK) will help optimize the KYC/AML procedure to provide customers with faster access to your services with minimal risk.
  • Idenfy (Lithuania) is a user verification service for your financial platform, fraud protection with instant identity verification.
  • Salv (Estonia) is a comprehensive anti-money laundering solution for your company.
  • Veriff (Estonia) helps with identity verification and KYC, uses artificial intelligence in the process without compromising compliance with regulatory requirements, helps prevent identity fraud.



  • Maxmind (USA) allows you to make a risk assessment and identify actions with a high level of risk in payments in e-commerce, the activity of users of the platform.
  • FraudLabs (Malaysia) provides a comprehensive fraud detection solution to help prevent payment fraud and minimize chargebacks and losses.